Many healthcare professionals are now required to have background checks preformed as part of state licensing practices or for employment purposes.


  • Licensed Practical Nurse $65
  • Registered Nurse $65

School Districts, Law Enforcement and Child Welfare Agencies are further improving measures to protect our children. A fingerprint-based criminal background check on employees, volunteers and caregivers that educate and work with our children will help keep our children safe.

Accurate-ID is FBI and State Police certified for electronic print submission to the state’s and federal AFIS systems. Accurate-ID systems are widely deployed in the United States for preforming criminal background verification on school employees, teachers, coaches, healthcare workers and day care providers.

Flawless Biometrics provides Live Scan fingerprint-based background check services for teachers, substitutes, volunteers and administrators at your location for your convenience.


  • Education Background Check $65

With just one visit and for all-inclusive fee, we will:

  • Submit your fingerprints to the FBI and ISP as recommended for your application.
  • Scan in all your necessary documents and create your digital IL CCW Application.
  • Submit your application.

Flawless Biometrics will make sure that you get everything you need to complete your CCW application with one convenient stop.


  • Printed FBI Fingerprint card for out of state CCW $30
  • Livescan Fingerprint for IL CCW $65
  • Livescan Fingerprinting + IL CCW Application $105

Flawless Biometrics performs live scan fingerprinting for the following additional professions: PERC (Locksmith, Private Alarm Contractor, Private Security Contractor, and Security Guard),Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, Physician, Bus Driver and Car Dealer.

If your profession is not listed here we can still perform live scans for you. Just let us know.


  • Other Professions $65